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Comprehensive Career Coaching

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My approach is finding employment that fits: finding the right job and work environment for the right individual. Looking for a job should not be a “one size fits most” process.  Rather,It should be an individualized roadmap linking skills, interests, abilities, goals, expectations and opportunities.  Finding meaningful employment can be complicated. Together we will create an individualized action plan to simplify this process. The individualized action plan will include goals and timelines to launch you on a path to supported employment. Please see my detail of services for a full list of how we can work together.  

Solving the Puzzle

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I work individually with clients. I assess work history, strengths, accomplishments, skills, values, motivations and goals and workplace accommodations. I can also offer comprehensive career assessments. Working with clients to identify their exceptionalities we will pinpoint types of employment where they will thrive. Services are customizeable to meet a variety of employment goals. 

About Me


 I have been working with individuals with learning exceptionalities for 9 years, providing social supports, independent living skills, healthy lifestyles and career coaching. Over the past 5 years, I have focused primarily on job readiness training and employer/employee relations. My niche is working with transition age adolescents and young adults 18-30. This includes individuals currently in high school, in transition programs and those currently working or looking to grow in their jobs and careers. I enjoy working with a variety of clients and support individuals with Autism, ADD/ ADHD, Dyslexia, developmental delays, slow processing speeds and anxiety.

What's Offered

Client Services

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Here is a list of the ways we can work together:


Interest inventories, the resume, the cover letter, professional e-mails, job searches, job applications, interview prep and much more  depending on individual needs.


  • New hire paperwork
  • Transportation routes and practice to and from work
  • Culture Layout: Understanding compnay culture, environment and co-workers.


This format is designed specifically for individuals who are currently employed and seeking remedies for current on-the-job challenges. The sessions may be spread out as needed and may be added onto 1:1 sessions. An example might be attending an employment review with an individual. 


This is on the job training to provide real-time feedback and develop a strategic approach to handling job responsibilities and interacting with managers and co-workers. Please note that a job coach does not perform the actual duties or fulfill any of the responsibilities of the role. 


I act as a liaison between the employer and employee.

I will be in touch with the employer for regular check-ins and performance evaluations, bridging communication and skill gaps that could hinder promotions, raises, and workplace advancement.


These sessions help to establish solid expectations between parents/caregivers and their young adult children. More often than not, friction occurs between the client who is pursuing their own dreams and their caregivers, who may have a completely different notion of what the client should be doing. I help mediate these conversations, navigating toward positive outcomes that represent the best interests of both parties. Outside of the initial foundations meeting, parent/caregiver sessions can be purchased at any point. These meetings can be a one-time-only session or set up to support the family throughout the work experience for the client. 

*These sessions can also be used by parents/caregivers that need 1:1 support navigating their relationship with an adult child throughout this journey. If you have struggled to constructively guide and support your child, we can meet without your child to focus on developing new approaches to supporting their goals. 

Career Assessments

Fast Track Career Tools

Get a customized path to employment with the Greenwod GS 120 career assessment system.

Get a customized path to employment with the GS 120 Career Assessment. This assessment identifies abilities, values, career interests, grit score, and personality characteristics to pinpoint top 100 career matches and 50 least likely.

Employer Services


Employers! Learn how to optimize a diverse and productive workforce and hire longterm and reliable employees. I  provide HR training consisting of best practices to support employees with learning differences. My services include best practices for effective communication, managing expectations and developing workplace accommodations. Contact me for a customized employment solution that will meet your business objectives. 

Evaluation Tools

These worksheets are designed for both the individual and the parent/ guardian to assess daily skills, grit, the current level of independent living, and familiarity with technology and transportation. It is recommended that both client and parent/ guardian complete these forms separately for the most accurate evaluation of skills. These forms can be downloaded for personal use or e-mailed to you directly to fill in electronically. 

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